1. Acrylic Painting classes
 Fall 2019 - starts Sept. 17 - Adult painting classes - Realist apporoach to landscape - 6 weeks, you learn about moving from direct observation sketches to full value/color glazed illusionistic/realist landscape - call for info.  Contact Howards Arts & Frames - (301) 733-2722

Landscape Painting  - Howards - see contact info. above.

2. Acrylic Glazing Workshop with David Bottini
at the Mansion House Art Gallery, 
501 Highland Way in Hagerstown City Park 
 Next workshop July 15 2019
Students will have opportunity to explore the use of glazing techniques in acrylics with noted artist and teacher, David Bottini, and winner of the People’s Choice Award at the Cumberland Valley Artists Exhibition.
Date: July 15
Cost: $50 for VAA members and Washington County Museum of Fine Art members,
and $60 for non-members.
Payment by check made out to David Bottini, and mailed or dropped off during business hours to the Mansion House Art Gallery, Attn:
Treasurer, 501 Highland Way, Hagerstown, MD 21740. (Or payment by credit card is possible if you go to the Mansion House during business hours.)
Mansion House business hours: Friday and Saturday, 11am - 4pm, Sunday 1pm - 5pm. Lunch will be provided.
The goal of the workshop will be how to find a subject (in beautiful Hagerstown City Park), develop a painting and work through the basic glazing process, concluding with a discussion of how the process will be completed at home.
Minimum number of participants is 6, and the maximum is 9.
A waiting list will be started if necessary.
 to register, please contact Elaine Wolfe at valleyartinfo@gmail.com or call 304-754-5116.
Further information will be emailed to you at the time of registration.

Working from direct observation of landscape to develop an acrylic painting on canvas using a layered, glazing method. Students will work from observation, quick sketches and take reference photographs, then develop a basic underpainting, and build the image through layers of glazing. The class will close with a 30 minute review and discussion
of how to continue to complete the process at home.
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